The Not-So-Smart Phones of 2011

Has anybody heard of the NSA? All communications through electronic means, especially all phones, are a security risk. We are certain that if you sent naked photos of your significant other by carrier pigeon then these too will be obtained by the NSA.

“The Not-So-Smart Phones of 2011” infographic highlights the importance of taking advantage of upgrades to the operating system of the phone (more than half of which was Android) to minimize security risks. However, how can an upgrade reduce the risk when the entire phone is at risk of being tracked by “security” agencies? We are certain that if you have two tin cans attached by a copper wire then messages through that will also be intercepted by the NSA.

However, on a personal level, you ought to always upgrade to a more recent version of the operating system. A few years ago, we upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and the functionality of the computer was enhanced.

If you are concerned about security then we do suggest that you look into Apple. We have come across a report that they will make a phone that is NSA-free. We doubt that this will come to fruition. As they say, if voting changed anything then they would make it illegal. We surmise that a similar thing will happen to Apple. Most likely, Apple will be forced to provide a back-door to the NSA or, if they do not, then we predict that Apple will find itself in the middle of an enormous IRS tax audit. Still, it provides some hope, which is more than any other phone offers.

Likes: Very well thought-out infographic, and quite informative.

Dislikes: We don’t see the latest smarphones featured here.

Many people do not take security into account when purchasing a device and most of them may not even know that the software on their device is out-of-date – sometimes right out of the box.  This infographic explores those devices and their security.

The Not-So-Smart Phones of 2011 1

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