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Gambling is addictive and just everyone loves gambling but Indians have a special love for it. Gambling has been a peaceful way of resolving conflicts in the past, in the times of Mahabharata and today have become a hobby for many. Casinos are the favourite place for gambling whether online or offline.Here is a list of some of the best casino games for Indian players which you can play at

Book of Dead

Book of Dead is a new addition to the world of casino games which takes the player on an adventurous journey through history. The game dares the player to open the Book of Dead and takes the player back in time in the era of ancient pharaohs in Egypt.

The game is full of hieroglyphics and knowledge of history as the player plays on behalf of Rich Wilde. It is a simple 10 line slot game and has a lot of built-in bonus features.Apart from the low paying 10 ace cards, there are high paying cards like Osiris and the highest playing card is rich Wilde.

Book of Dead

Reel Heist

Reel heist is an exciting game which allows you to become a hero and catch the bad guys. You are the hero cop in the game and with every spin, you complete a part of your mission. You have to catch criminals and the most wanted criminals and make you pay up to the highest rewards in the game.

Reel heist is a 5reel game which gives 40 pay lines and the chances of winning are endless in this game. There are also many in-game bonuses which helps you in winning and the accessories of your cop also give your extra bonus.

Real Heist


Starburst is a new casino game in which the player has to burst diamonds in space. The theme is centred on cosmic sparkle and deep space. This game is very addictive and its sleek design and retro style make it more enjoyable. It brings back the feel of the traditional casino slot.

The chances to win with money on Starburst are very high and the online machine also offers Starburst Wild. It has 5 reels and 3 rows and the bet lines are 1 to 10. If you are playing on a higher number of lines then your chances of winning are also higher but with every spin, your bet also becomes higher. The game has brilliantly lit jewels which makes it easy for the player to identify and comes with a rick soundtrack which adds to the feelings of deep space.


A Dragon’s Story

A Dragon’s Story is a colourful, exciting and a progressive online slot casino game which features the story of a dragon. This fantasy based theme game gives 5 reels to the players and 5 pay lines. The players can win the gold from the dragon’s treasure and the gold from Ruff. The game has high-quality graphics with classic western fairy-style tales. It has a twist as the player is on the dragon’s side and defending the gold and treasure of the dragon against the greedy and bad knight, Sir William.

As you spin along and fight against the knight, then the dragon awards you with different types of treasure, gold and pieces of the knight’s armour. The same is very bright and upbeat which appeals to every player making it unique.

A Dragon's Story

Coins of Egypt

In the Coins of Egypt, players can amass the wealth and treasures of the Egyptian pharaohs. The graphic designs of the game are very appealing and a lot of activity on the screen, keep the player entertained. The game is a 5-reel, 220 pay line game with a lot of spin bonus. This game has a high potential for the player to score a lot of cash prizes.

You can make a lot of quick cash from the Coins of Egypt keeping yourself engaged and entertained with the pharaohs, frenetic activity, and a very colourful gaming adventure.

Coins of Egypt

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