New Brokerages Can Be Reliable and Competitive

New Brokerages Can Be Reliable and Competitive 1

New Brokerages Can Be Reliable and Competitive 2

MT4 has been the platform of choice for thousands of traders and remains extremely popular today. Even when MT5 was released as a successor in 2010 most experienced traders stuck with the robust MT4 platform because it is easy to use and provides all the tools necessary to trade successfully.

Additionally, in many countries, MT4’s customer base is continuing to grow, and this is partly because MT4 is easily white labelled.

Let’s look at what that means and what a white label MT4 platform can do for a new brokerage.

What does white labelling mean?

White label service providers allow you to utilise their established systems and products and allow you to repackage them under your unique branding guidelines to pass them off as your own products and services.

Using white label provider can be ideal if you are looking for the quickest route to market and the cheapest way of providing all the services you need to compete in the Forex market.

Starting a new company in any industry is fraught with danger, and it feels like you are continually playing catch up. However, by using reliable software such as the dependable MT4 platform you are already heads and shoulders above most of the competition.

MT4 has an outstanding reputation among trading professionals, and it continues to provide industry-leading tools which make it appealing to new traders taking their first steps into the market. Popcorn Technology understands the importance of reliable tools and therefore offers the MT4 platform as part of their white label ecosystem.

Their platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with all their other products, and it is an excellent way of providing new brokerages with an out-of-the-box solution that is easy to manage.

MT4 comes stacked with incredible tools and features like:

  • Real-time news feeds
  • Multi-currency support
  • Reliable data protection
  • All types of trading orders and MetaTrader 4 execution modes
  • Thirty indicators and 24 graphical objects for technical analysis including Fibonacci, stochastics and moving averages
  • Nine timeframes, from one minute to one month
  • Real-time quotes in Market Watch
  • History of trading operations

As mentioned earlier making use of an industry-leading platform is advantageous for many reasons but having the ability to present it as your own proprietary platform is one of the more important reasons to utilise MT4 white label services.

Popcorn works alongside new brokerages to help them build an online presence and establish authoritativeness. The ability to brand the platform ensures brokerages can operate autonomously without relinquishing their identity.

Popcorn Technology can provide additional services or give advice to new brokerages to help develop their identity and marketing strategy.

The other main benefit of using Popcorn’s brandable platform is its ability to integrate with their other systems like the CRM, traders room, PSP integrations and an affiliate network which are all essential services a new brokerage must provide to operate efficiently.

The MT4 platform will become the focal point of your business as it is the tool your customers will interact with daily. It is important that it functions correctly, is easy to use and is immediately identifiable as your company.

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