Differences between NBA Playoff and Regular Season Betting

Differences between NBA Playoff and Regular Season Betting 1

Differences between NBA Playoff and Regular Season Betting 2

Basketball is among the most popular sports in betting. No doubt that the #1 tournament in this sport discipline is NBA. This annual competition consists of two parts — Regular Season and Playoff. Their specialties (team cast, calendar) differ from each other. So, betters that are going to get regular profit on NBA must take into account all differences between these parts. You will find the main specialties of NBA Playoff and Regular Season that are important for successful betting in this article. Information was taken from top betting reviews by the best booking experts. It can be used to increase the chances of winning.

General features of NBA Championships

Regular season starts in the last week of October. It lasts 171 day, and each team play 82 matches. These are:

  • 4 matches against each opponent in the division;
  • 4 matches against each of the 6 teams of their conference;
  • 3 matches against each of the 4 remaining teams of their conference;
  • 2 matches from each of the teams of the opposite conference.

The important thing is that favorites can secure a place in Playoff. So, they may not be interested in the successful outcome of the final Regular Season matches. The Playoff stage begins at the end of April. Eight strongest teams from each conference take part in it. Games are held according to the Olympic system: the winner in a series of up to 4 wins goes to the next round. This means that each match is quite important for rivals. However, when, one of the teams wins 3:0, or 3:1, the other one has more chances for winning next match. This is because of some relaxed state of the favourite.

How Regular NBA Season differs from Playoff

The special features of both NBA Championship parts are the reasons of some important differences between betting on NBA Regular Season and Playoff matches. Here are the most important of them for betters that select this tournament for getting profit:

  • Regular Season has very few sensations because of clear favorites and underdogs. On one hand, these matches are more attractive with betting on outcomes. On the other hand, odds are not so attractive here, as in Playoff games.
  • Playoffs are featured with more relaxed schedule. Each battle consists of up to 7 matches. Team with better rate of Regular Season plays 2 matches at home, then 3 matches in the guests, then 2 home matches again.
  • Changing of re-match tactics. NBA teams often play in Playoff against the same rivals, as they had in Regular Season matches. Often, they radically change the tactics of the game to surprise rivals.
  • More information and news about Playoff Series. These games are more important, and mass media pays more attention to them. So, betters have more abilities for detailed analysis of the teams’ and players’ statement, or some other prematch conditions.

In addition it is necessary to note that both parts of NBA Championship are attractive for betters. Bookies offer high odds, most matches are predictable. The only important things are the right choice of betting strategy and detailed analysis of the situation before a match.

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