Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Nature Trail Durshet

After a long and tiresome week of work, what one really wants is to chill during the weekend. Some like to spend the weekend with their loved ones with family whilst others would like to go out on a trip to rejuvenate themselves. Now planning a trip is like going for a war now days. The options for a trip where one could go for a weekend and return latest by Sunday evening is a big task. Also, the options which are generally available, are so frequently visited that visiting them again doesn’t make sense. These were my thoughts a week back as I really needed a break from my daily work.

Nature Trail Durshet

I was looking for options for any good resorts near Mumbai to chill and have a good time. Then I came across Nature Trails and it’s resort in Durshet and Kundalika. These places I had definitely heard of, but I wasn’t sure as the places were quite secluded. However, I saw fantastic prices and packages with adventure sport on Nature Trails website and decided to book a short trip there. I was elated as to experience this adventurous trip. As per the schedule provided, we boarded a bus from a designated location and were heading towards this amazing destination. Durshet is a village located at few kilometres from Pune and Mumbai. We were given a warm welcome with all the members from the Nature Trails.

Nature Trail AC Deluxe Tents
Nature Trail AC Deluxe Tents

Once we were settled, we were provided tent houses keys to freshen up. The tent houses were very beautiful and clean. It was a never seen before tent houses with air condition.

Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! 1

The place was one of it’s kind as it was in midst of the nature, and I was very excited to explore more. The members gave a short informative session regarding Nature Trails and were given a clear picture of what I was expecting from the 2 day adventure.

Nature Trail Durshet Forest Lodge

Then came the most happening thing which I was dying to experience, adventure sports. It was my first experience to perform all the adventures, I was scared as hell. I performed crossing Burma Bridge, zappling and Tarzan jump.

Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! 2

They were freaking awesome and I was shackled. But it was a great experience. The most nerve wrecking sport was rappling.

Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! 3

I dreaded going for the first time because it was a little difficult. But when the sport started, it just got into me. The trainers were also excellent having a plenty of experience and provided good quality harnesses.

Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! 4

Once the sport was done, we headed back to the resort. The next thing I remember is I was is the swimming pool. The resort had a huge swimming pool and I couldn’t help but to just dive into it. It was so rejuvenating that pool it cannot be expressed through words. Again there was a small session before dinner with the Chairman of Nature Trails. He spoke about the history of Nature Trails and how he is planning to make it big. Witnessing his positive energy and determination I am sure he is going to make Nature Trails a big brand. Later, we headed for dinner and much needed rest.

Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! 5

Next morning we were ready for one more exciting adventure River Rafting at Kundalika. Now, Kundalika was around a hour drive from the resort. After reaching, I could see the faces of other participants for this sport,it showed fear and excitement. After a brief training on the basics of rafting, we boarded our raft and in no time we were ecstatic.

Nature Trails: A Perfect Weekend Getaway! 6

We were following our trainer’s instructions accordingly and were enjoying the sport. Once done, we headed to the resort. Packed our bags, and greeted each other for having a wonderful time. I made many friends here, and wished them luck for all their endeavours. I hope to see them again. While sitting in the bus for returning home, thoughts came to my mind of all the happy memories of this wonderful trip I experienced.

I would finally say that, I am not a big fan of repeating places once visited. But this could be an exception. I would surely love to go to Nature Trails again. So guys, want a perfect weekend getaway, Nature Trails is the place to go. Period.