Most Popular Bingo Games 2022



Bingo is a popular casino game, but how many types are there? And which are the most popular? You are in luck — we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is our list of the most popular online bingo games and their respective house rules. Do you want to try out your gambling experience? Try out these recommended bingo games today!

90 ball bingo

The 90 ball bingo is the most popular bingo casino online game available in UK. In fact, this version is also popular as UK bingo. You can play this game with three rows and nine columns containing a total of 15 numbers. To win, players must mark off the numbers in a line or complete the card by marking all the numbers.

75 ball bingo

The 75 ball bingo is a hugely popular version of the game that’s played in North America. The cards for this game feature a 5×5 grid with the middle square left blank. All lines are horizontal except one diagonal line which cuts across the middle square. The objective is to mark off all the numbers on your card to form a winning pattern.

80 ball bingo

You can play with a card with four columns and four rows. The columns will have 20 numbers each, and they will label them with letters B I N G O. Each column will have different colors. One column will include numbers 1-20, another 21-40, another 41-60, and the last column 61-80. If a player marks all four corners on their card, they have a bingo.

30 ball bingo

The bingo game came about as a quick play version of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. When playing 30 ball bingo, players mark off numbers on three rows and three columns. The game’s objective is to be the first player to mark off all these numbers on your card within 30 calls. This one is another fast-paced variation of its predecessor.

40 ball bingo

One of the newest forms of bingo on the scene is 40 ball bingo. In this intriguing bingo game, there are only 40 balls. Thus, the cards are much smaller and easier to keep track of. The numbers range from 1 to 40. Moreover, the players must cover off all four corners or four corners plus all other numbers to win each round.

Jackpot bingo

Jackpot Bingo is a bingo game that offers prizes and jackpots for its players. It usually has two variations: the fixed and the progressive one. The fixed jackpot is in a specific amount that is announced to all players. On the other hand, the progressive one increases gradually until someone wins it. Jackpot bingo games have prizes or jackpots that increase until a player wins them.

It is a fun, popular game that is easy to play and the winner or winners walk away with the money paid for the card. The appeal of bingo is undoubtedly not limited to nursing homes or senior centers, people of all ages enjoy it. Moreover, its low buy-in cost and jackpots of as much as $50,000, it is no wonder why.

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