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Before getting into mobile traffic and how to monetize it, let us look at some general data. According to Mobithinking, at the end of 2012 there were 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, equivalent to 96% of the world’s population.

The number is a significant jump from 2011, which clocked in 6 billion active mobile subscriptions. More pertinently, 2 billion of these people had active mobile broadband subscriptions. (*Note: Mobile subscriptions refer to the number of sim cards being used in each country, not the number of people using a mobile device).

This rapid growth and trend can mean only one thing for marketers and advertisers –mobile is the way forward for them. It is hence pertinent to look at Winners Infographic on how to monetize traffic better with a keen eye on the future.

The infographic is neat and well displayed to the reader. It is easy to understand. The first scroll itself gives us three stats side by side – number of online websites not operating a mobile friendly version (90%), amount of affiliate’s traffic generated through mobile devices (30%) and by which year mobile traffic will overtake web traffic (2014). This side by side information display helps us analyze the information much better.

For instance, I could easily conclude that if mobile will constitute a majority of traffic share by 2014, most existent websites will have an intensely difficult gestation period in the next one year in making their sites mobile enabled.

An example of this can be viewed by comparing the performance of Android and ioS operating systems in the US. Although Android outsells iOS in the US, Apple still has a 69% market share of web browsers through iOS devices vs Androids 25% odd.

This trend clearly shows that people prefer browsing the web on tablet devices, of which clearly Apple is the runaway market leader at this point. Hence, it is important to showcase the data in an objective way, which Winner seems to have done here.

The infographic then states a simple-to-integrate script developed by Winner. This is to help websites that are still running desktop versions on mobile devices to convert their traffic. A screenshot of the pop up is displayed, and the various benefits of this feature around it with a picture plus text.

There are several benefits as stated – Mobiles only, Easy to integrate (30 seconds to implement), Fully Trackable (Updates Directly to your affiliate account), Frequency capping (chooses number of ads per user), Traffic reporting (Detailed traffic and analytics) and Multiple Language options (geo translation supporting 10 languages). The best part about this detailing is it is to the point but explains all the benefits well in just one line.

The following and last part of the infographic allows users to copy the tracking code and paste it on their websites. This simple approach will surely bring many customers to Winner in the future if they are able to promote the infographic to a wide mass of people. Source –

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