What is the appeal of mobile phone gaming in 2020?

What is the appeal of mobile phone gaming in 2020? 1

What is the appeal of mobile phone gaming in 2020? 2

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Everyone is gaming these days. A key contributory factor behind the rise in gaming has been down to the sophisticated mobile phone devices we now have access to which, in turn, have tempted a new audience into gaming. Gaming is now a lifestyle, with professional esports players on the scene alongside dedicated gaming communities for a variety of massive games. The scene has simply never been so healthy.

Not everyone is getting their gaming fix solely from a console or a PC either, with mobile phone games making some massive strides in recent times. Gone are the days of playing Snake on chunky Nokia devices, now we have access to a range of creations, all taken to another level thanks to the technological advancements made in our mobile phones. More people are playing live at casino.com in India than ever before, games like Pokemon Go with its augmented reality feature have registered huge success, alongside classic creations like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. We’ve barely touched the surface, either.

Despite the evident progress made with mobile phone gaming, how does it stand up against the likes of a newly-released and sophisticated PlayStation 5? Or even against other handheld devices such as a Nintendo DS? So, without further ado, here’s a few key reasons why more people are gaming on their mobile phone devices than ever before.

Portable gaming

Arguably the biggest factor behind the rise in popularity of mobile phone gaming is the portability factor. You can access a mobile phone game within seconds as you’re getting on with your day, be it on the train to work or on a long car journey. Everyone has a mobile phone these days as they perform so many important daily functionalities. Still, it also means that games developers can reach larger audiences as the traditional image of a gamer changes. Now, grandparents are gaming on a mobile, alongside parents and the like. Creations like Words with Friends and Candy Crush have drawn in that type of a new audience to gaming, alongside other popular games like the aforementioned Pokemon Go and PUBG Mobile. Gaming on a mobile is also a lot less of a commitment than a console as it takes a matter of minutes and requires little dedication, whereas console gaming generally needs a lot more time and attention.

What is the appeal of mobile phone gaming in 2020? 3
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Console-quality titles

The aforementioned PUBG Mobile is the perfect example of how far mobile phone gaming has come and how much mobile phone games have advanced. With modern-day sophisticated mobile devices able to handle more graphically advanced games than ever before, developers have upped the ante accordingly. These days, it’s common to see games developers release mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions. There’s an array of additional accessories to improve the overall gaming experience on a phone too, with VR headsets and joysticks proving particularly popular in recent years.

Cheap and free fun

Console gaming isn’t exactly the cheapest form of entertainment out there, with consoles costing a fair bit alongside the actual games themselves. Compare that with mobile phone gaming and, in terms of cost, it’s like chalk and cheese. Most mobile phone games are either cheap or completely free, they’re accessible within a matter of seconds, and if a game isn’t for you, then it can be removed just as easily as it was downloaded, therefore allowing gamers to sift through a comprehensive selection of games before deciding on the creation that’s for them. You simply can’t do that on a console, especially without spending wads of cash and having to return games.

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