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MobiKwik: A Worthy Wallet Review

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Mobile Recharge is one of the most popular and useful service that is done through internet worldwide. People from any country, any network carrier can do instant mobile recharge by making payment via their Online Bank Account, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc. From millions of websites, there are also few websites that lets you to do Free Mobile Recharge. However, MobiKwik stands out separately because of its simple user interface and its commitment to design that inspires a sense of confidence. There is something about a well-presented homepage that makes you trust a company with your credit card info, and MobiKwik earns that trust with its UI.

It has an awesome section called MobiKwik wallet which is an online prepaid account where a user can store money, to pay mobile recharge, DTH, electricity bill and pay on online shopping sites. The wallet needs to be loaded with money once before it can be used across functions. The Wallet provides users the option to add money using their debit or credit card, net banking, and ‘cash pay’ i.e. a doorstep cash collection service. The fact that the main page was sparsely laid out, with only the essential information presented to the user. By contrast, its competitor throws up a whole mess of images, links, ads and even a scrolling marquee before letting you move onto a different page where you actually enter your details.

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For Online Mobile Recharge, MobiKwik automatically recognizes which carrier you are on and selects it in the menu for you, when you start entering your mobile number. After that, you just enter the amount and hit Recharge. The same page gives you to browse plans for different carriers like Airtel for doing Airtel Online Recharge for any plans of your choice. You can then proceed to pay using one of many payment options and the website helpfully offers to remember your credit card information for you if you have signed up for an account.

For unintended errors during mobile recharge, the website goes to great lengths to assure you that you will immediately be refunded if you fail to receive the recharge for any reason and that “your money is yours unless you have received your recharge”. What seemed like one of the coolest parts of MobiKwik’s service, besides its UI, is the fact that it has various mobile apps for Android, Windows and iOS devices.

MobiKwik review is worth letting you know about because it really is a polished gem in a category teeming with many features to make secure and safe transactions. Want to pay your electricity bills; DTH services or Shopping, Just Go for MobiKwik!!