MidLife Crisis

Midlife marks a period of tremendous transitions. Few find it difficult to cope up with the changes that occur during this period and resort to things to deal with the changing circumstances. Check out this cool infographic titled “MidLife Crisis” that sheds light on the larger purchases and impulsive behavior of the people during this phase of life.

This infographic has been split into two parts. The first part explains how and why a midlife crisis occurs and the second part highlights 10 ways with which people try to cope up with this phase in their lives.

As per the infographic, midlife crisis occurs somewhere between 40 and 60. Stress, doubt, boredom, physical changes and job satisfaction have been identified to be the major reasons that trigger midlife crisis. There are various ways people try to cope up with the stress and other things that hit a person during this phase. Indulging in exotic travels has been identified to be the first thing that a person does when midlife crisis hits one.

Taking more interest in health and fitness is identified to be another thing that one indulges in during this phase. Buying the latest and the expensive gadget in the market, indulging in adventure sports, changes in hairstyle, drastic change in wardrobe, purchasing a classic sports car, plastic surgery and excessive consumption of alcohol have also been highlighted as the top ways people try to cope up with midlife crises.

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MidLife Crisis Infographic


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