Melbourne- The City Of Dreams


Last Sunday evening, we four friends were sitting in the verandah of my apartment and were discussing about our daily routine, work, colleagues when suddenly the topic switched to travelling and then to the most awaited place which we have to visit at least once in our lifetime come what may.

The city which we can rightly called it as “City Of Dreams”. The obvious three places were the answers given by friends which were New York, Paris and London. But with my answer I not only managed to surprise them but also made them think twice about it.

My city of dreams was Melbourne- The Pride of Australia.


As expected, everyone was startled by my answer, but I did manage to convince them why I choose Melbourne to be my dream place. My love for this city started 3 years ago when one of my relative visited Melbourne for a period of one month. The things which he said to me about Melbourne after visit was enough to make up my mind to called it as my dream city. I was mesmerized by his explanation about the city I was sheen towards this heart throbbing city.

Firstly he mentioned about the people and culture of this charming city. He was of the opinion that Melbourne hosts the most cordial and lovable people of the world. The people here are very helpful, and to add to that the city also has some eye catching landscapes which makes us fall in love with city over the time again. The city is recognized for its mix of modern architecture which intersects with an extensive range of nineteenth and early twentieth century buildings. Though residential architecture is not only defined by a single architectural style, but rather an eclectic mix of houses, townhouses, condominiums and apartment buildings of various scales in the metropolitan area. Free standing dwellings with relatively large gardens are perhaps the most common type of housing outside inner city Melbourne.

Melbourne- The City Of Dreams

Secondly, he mentioned about the must visit places of Melbourne which makes the city an ideal place for people who love to travel and explore. The City Centre is full of cafés, and bookshops, designer boutiques. The Queen Victoria market is a must visit place in the city. Ardent food lovers cannot afford to give this place a miss. Apart from food, this market also hosts range of clothing, shoes, jewellery and handmade art and crafts.

It would be a sin to visit Melbourne and not drive down to Great Ocean Road. It’s one of those places which gives you inner peace of mind and makes you happy internally. It has a soothing and calm effect on your mind. Ballooning over the Sunrises are other things in the list which shouldn’t be missed. I feel short of words when I start describing about the scenic beauty of the city. ‘Fed Square’ is a public space boasting galleries, restaurants and events as well as the Melbourne Visitor Information Centre.


The afternoons must be spent at St.Kilda, or Brighton swimming in the turquoise waters, getting a tan. St.Kilda is beautiful- white sandy beaches, and the sea sparkling like blue champagne. And then comes the most exciting for all the youngsters. Melbourne contains all manner of pubs, bars, and nightclubs.  Bay-side St Kilda is the home of several huge music venues including the famous Esplanade Hotel, the Prince of Wales, and The Palace. Other prominent places to visit in or near Melbourne are Yarra Valley region which is producer of high quality wine. Then there is Ballart, which was once the centre of Gold rush. Also to visit is the surf coast near Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and of course the beaches in Melbourne. For all the passionate cricket fans, MCG needs no description. I would be foolish enough to not mention about it, truly known as heaven of cricket, this place is undoubtedly first love of all fans.


As it is said that we can’t understand the joy of having a pie unless we taste it. The description given by my relative and few searches on internet has already got my adrenaline rush and it’s surely on to my to-do list in next couple of years.

To guide us more in a better and organized way, we can surely log on to where we will get a clear idea why I describe it as vibrant city. And on a lighter note, I guess we friends would be fighting over which places we need to visit just like Tanmay and Rohan in the following video

So all said and done, I am dying to visit the city and want to just live my fantasy of being to such an amazing place. Hope destiny favours me, and I get to live my dream.

Hi Readers, which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?

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