Meaning of Colours

What:Each color represents distinct traits. Find out exactly how popular colors like black, brown, red, grey, yellow, green, blue, white and purple on the clothes one wears define the kind of persona you radiate to others.

One of the most intriguing activities people engage in is shopping for clothes. It is a perplexing phenomenon, driven by a plethora of factors that define the decision-making process. Brand consciousness, functional needs, style are elements people consider when they shop. Colour is another that is more often than not driven subconsciously by a buyer’s personality or mood. This infographic addresses what different colours mean, and what our choices of them at a particular point say about our mood and outlook. is a Swedish online shopping portal that is aimed at the fashion conscious woman. Its brand message appeals to individual style, encouraging you to be who you are.  The infographic reflects’s positioning by appealing to people to assess what kind of people they might be on the basis of the meaning of colours. It looks at the significance of some basic, popular colours – black, brown, red, grey, yellow, green, blue, white and purple.

The information flow here is presented in an organized format. Each colour has 4 characteristics defining it. There are also smiley’s that supplement the 4 characteristics stated for each colour. It appears that the smiley’s are an indication of the mood evoked in a person by that particular colour. For instance, Blue is Ocean – Peaceful – Fresh – Loyalty. The supporting smiley is happy and cheerful. Brown is Solid – Reliable – Genuineness – Stability. Here, the smiley is serious and straight-faced.

The advantage of such an infographic is it is extremely open ended in nature. For example, I found myself combining various characteristics in different colours to see if it fitted who or how I am as an individual. It does not tell you this is who you are – it allows you the freedom to express and subsequently understand yourself using colours as a medium with a meaning. It also justifies a lot of things we do in our daily lives and why we do them. I was an ignorant kid who remembers having blue colour combinations for all furniture and wall paints in his bedroom. But now I really know and understand why, as blue symbolizes peace and serenity of the ocean. It helped calm me through all the pressures of school and focus better. Colours are a part of our subconscious – we just don’t know it as evidently as we do maybe getting exhausted or being yelled at.

What the limited number of colours on this infographic has managed to do is stoke my interest in finding out the meaning of other colours too. This is a fantastic piece by – I do hope they release a sequel to this very soon with a bunch of different colours to decipher.

Meaning of Colours

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