Mashable Awards Winners 2010


Mashable has done a listing asking people to vote their favorite stuff among different categories. People chose their best and they were nominated for the exclusive Mashable Awards 2010. These are a list of the few good things from several categories which are voted by the people. They have all been made into one large infographic for the world to recognize forever. All these things range from categories like people, places, companies, gadgets, services and so on. There were as many as 1.3 million nominations as well as votes. So we can safely say that these are the things that people have chosen in unanimity.

This infographic about “Mashable Awards Winner 2010” depicts the best things in each category. This will be very helpful for the users when they are looking to download an app, or looking for a person for a certain thing.

For example, there is the best mobile game app, which was awarded to angry birds among other nominations. One can also see the names of the other nominated ones in the list. Overall the infographic is pretty stimulating and fun to read. Such kinds of lists and genuinely liked stuff can really help people differentiate the good from the bad. So if you are looking for the best things in any category, this infographic can be your guide.

Likes: It is nice looking and enjoyable. It is very detailed. Not only the winners, but the top best ones are listed. Icons stand out.

Dislikes:  It could have been a tad bit more organized. Sometimes they appear to be haphazard.

Mashable Awards Winners 2010 Infographics


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