Macau is not all about Gambling: the Best Places to Visit apart from Casinos



When someone talks about Macau, gambling is the name that automatically comes to our minds as the city is full of multiple gambling spots. And there is a big reason behind that. According to Exycasinos reports, Macau casinos are making way more money than ones in Vegas. However, it is not all about gambling when you visit this particular place as you will come across a number of other exciting places. For the tourists who want to pay a visit to Macau, the place is full of thrilling surprises for you as you will get value for your money in the name of enjoyment. Have a look at the following places that you can see during your stay in this enthralling and overwhelming city of Asia.

Guia Hill

If you are into some ancient buildings and you get fascinated by the work of some popular architects of the past, then Guia Hill is the perfect place for you. It was built back in the days of the year 1865, and ever since, its popularity is only increasing with every passing day. It was constructed during the years of colonial times, and the building was used as the chief observation house. The place also includes a small-sized cable car that can be of great fun for the tourists.

Taipa Village

If you are looking for a peaceful environment to relax your muscles and nerves while enjoying serenity at the same time, you can take some time from your schedule to visit Taipa Village. The best thing is the high-quality Macanese food along with some ancient-styled buildings on the Portuguese formula and the streets that are full of yellow lights and so much more. You can also go through the ruins of Sao Paulo Church. In short, Taipa Village is a perfect place for those who don’t like much of a hassle and are more inclined towards peaceful activities.

Macau Tower

Now we are talking about the tallest building in the whole of Macau from where you can have a bird’s eye view of the whole building. You can also enjoy the activity of jumping from the top under the guidance of experts with the help of specially designed airbags. Apart from the tower, the area in the surroundings is full of fun where the visitors could watch movies, theatre, and shopping. The architecture is beyond explanation as it looks mesmerizing to the human eyes, and you will feel like getting value for your stay in Macau.

Maritime Museum

Macau has more than one museum on the whole, but if you want one name that offers the most exciting things, on the whole, it is the Macau Maritime Museum. It is located just behind the sea and was inaugurated back in the year 1990. You can have a look at the Chinese and Portuguese Maritime themes and all the concerned belongings. In short, if you are into history and want to have an idea about how Macau has been connected to the sea for ages, then this maritime museum is the go-to place for you.

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