Best Luxury Accommodation in Pune for a Co-living Experience

Best Luxury Accommodation in Pune for a Co-living Experience 1

Best Luxury Accommodation in Pune for a Co-living Experience 2

Nestled in the middle of the Sahyadri Hills, located just two hours from Mumbai, Pune is a growing industrial and urban hub. The city has a growing cosmopolitan culture and strong public and private infrastructure making it an attractive destination for those living in other urban centres. Located two hours from Mumbai, Pune is home to thousands of students as well as those people who come to the city in search of jobs.

Coming to a new city, the top-ranking priority is looking for accommodation that is both affordable and conveniently located. Students and young working professionals are not keen on sharing their space with peevish landlords or be burdened by regular tasks like washing clothes, changing the light bulb amongst other mundane things. The professionally managed accommodation market popularly referred to as co-living solves their need for independence and takes over the day to day tasks of managing a house. Co-living is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. Fully furnished, specially designed living spaces create an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences. It is becoming popular as a means of affordable living for students, workers, digital nomads, or individuals relocating and beats even the best PGs in Pune.

There is a perception that millennials want it all and it is quite true. They prefer a customized approach to everything. In most traditional PG accommodations, there is no flexibility in terms of service offerings – you get whatever they want you to. Whereas, in a professionally managed co-living space, there is enough and more flexibility and personalization that you can enjoy. Besides which in case of co-living the rent is all-inclusive, from high speed WIFI and utilities to furniture and household necessities – and there are no hidden costs.

Millennials are discovering that living in a ‘bona fide’ co-living space offers much more compared to sharing a room with someone in a typical hostel or a paying guest setup. Co-living is no longer about finding a place to stay for most young professionals and students in the city but an opportunity to further their careers. Co-living is about networking with people. Signing up at a co-living space is easy. Their user-friendly websites packed with images of the co-living spaces also offer an option to schedule a visit to the property.

Stanza Living – Your Second Home

Stanza Living residence gives value for money and they offer all the facilities for making life easier. These are like fully-managed hostels/ large residences which come with the benefit of living in an amenity-rich that is comfortable and safe.

In the near future when work from home might become the norm, these will be more popular amongst the millennial who will have the comfort of home living without the hassles of actually having to take on the responsibility of running a household with its allied responsibilities.

Co-living has become popular among students and millennials in Pune as apart from the facilities, they also offer more freedom to the occupants, transparency in the tenant-property owner relationship, clear rental agreements, and no hidden/additional monthly expenses.

At this point in time with the COVID19 virus raging in the country, sanitization and social distancing have become mandatory. These companies are following guidelines laid down by the Government and taking all necessary precautions in ensuring that their premises are sanitized their personnel and support staff undergo rigorous hygiene checks, follow protocols for sanitation, social distancing, etc. while continuing with uninterrupted delivery of daily living experience to the residents in a safe environment. Living in a Stanza living residence is like experiencing a premium stay, which is economically priced.

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