Louisiana Area Codes – Its Significance and Fun Facts

Louisiana Area Codes - Its Significance and Fun Facts 1

The three digits of an area code give you more information than you may realize. You may know the general geographic area of Louisiana that you’re dialing when you enter an area code, but are you aware of the history of that area code or how these area codes came into existence?

Many factors influenced area code creation for the state of Louisiana, including natural disasters and demand for new telephone numbers. One area code, 504, once served the entire state of Louisiana. This area code kept up with population growth until 1957 when this area code could no longer support any new numbers. Party lines, which had multiple people on one trunk, had given way to private phones for each home, requiring the use of more phone numbers in the 504 area code. Over the decades, the state added three more area codes, although San Francisco, California, borrowed the 318 area code for a short time. In more recent years, the suburbs of New Orleans switched to the 504 area code after flooding from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 destroyed local switching facilities.

Area codes offer an interesting insight into social history and the way communication has expanded across the state of Louisiana. They are more than a means to connect with someone who lives in a specific region of the state. Explore the infographic below to learn more about the history of Louisiana’s area codes and some intriguing fun facts about the area codes associated with various parts of Louisiana.

Louisiana area codes

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