Sponsored Post: LOUIS XIII Cognac Launches ‘Quest For A Legend’

The “Quest for a Legend” is a worldwide search for the rarest LOUIS XIII decanter on earth. Decanters in the world of LOUIS XIII carry stories of exciting historical journeys and exquisite craftsmanship. LOUIS XIII was created in Cognac in 1874 and since then, it has etched its footprints in various part of the world. By 1881, the iconic cognac had reached as far as the shores of Asia with the first bottles arriving in Singapore, Penang, Calcutta and Manila two years later.
For its 140th anniversary, LOUIS XIII cognac is launching ‘Quest for a Legend’ – a worldwide hunt for the rarest decanter of distinct value that narrates the legacy of the iconic cognac. The Quest will scour the globe in pursuit of this hidden treasure and the search for the rarest decanter in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines. Regionally, the pursuit of this hidden treasure in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines has commenced since 3 February 2015. This thrilling journey to encounter a legendary LOUIS XIII decanter is set to unite devotees of legacy, craftsmanship, beauty, history, adventure and legend.
The three requirements that will be taken into consideration for judging the rarest decanter are the condition of the decanter, the precious elixir it contains and whether the decanter remains packaged in its coffret. The owner of the rarest decanter found in Asia will enjoy an exclusive trip for two to the visit LOUIS XIII Estate in Cognac, France.
Join the ‘Quest For A Legend’ by submitting your LOUIS XIII decanter. Eligible participants are above 18 years old for Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, and above 25 years old for India. So show up to the quest and be a part of the legend.

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