Lolcats on teh Internet

Lolcats have become pretty famous on internet forums. These are shared by people on networking sites and are quite popular. Have you ever wondered how lolcats came into existence? This infographic titled “Lolcats on teh Internet” provides a timeline history of lolcats.

The term “lolcats” was coined in the year 2005, on an anonymous image board “4chan” describing a photo of a cat with a humorous caption. During April 2006 a photo of the cat stuck in the ceiling became an internet rage and the ceiling cat was born. On June 14, 2006, became a registered website. This is how it all begun.

This infographic brings out in detail all the funny lolcats that have been circulated on the web. Lolcat memes with broken English have become a rage since over the internet since 2006. These get shared the most on Facebook and Twitter. Go through this infographic to know more about how lolcats became a rage and started trending. In the year 2008, Time magazine covered lolcats bringing them national media attention in the US. Lolcats memes include happy cat, keyboard cat, lolcats the musical, lolcats bible, me Lucifer cat, teh ten commandments of ceiling cat and many more. In the year 2008, Ninja cat was posted on YouTube and it received 11.9 million views making it one of the most popular cat videos over the web.

Likes: Covers everything on lolcat memes, creative concept.

Dislikes: None, this is too cute to read.

LOLcats on teh Internet Infographics

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