Linux is an operating system that was originally a free operating system that was launched for Intel based personal computers. This operating system is the leading one to be used on servers, super computers and mainframe computers. This infographic titled “Linux” covers the memorable Linux milestones. This is a timeline based infographic. During the year 1991, the first Linux code was released. During the year 1992, Linus licensed Linux. This was a major decision and contributed immensely for the success of this operating system software.

In the year 1993, Slackware became the first widely adopted distribution software. In 1996, a penguin was chosen to be Linux’s mascot. In 1998, tech giants began announcing platform support for Linux. Red Hat went public in the year 1999. IBM ran famous Linux ads during the Superbowl in the year 2003. This was another major achievement for Linux.

In the year 2005, Linus appeared on the cover of Business Week with a story that hailed Linux as a business success. In the year 2007, Linus Foundation was formed. This was done to promote, protect and standardize Linux. In 2010, Linux based Android operating system out shipped all other smartphone operating systems in the U.S. and climbed to dominance. In the year 2011, Linux turned 20 powering the stock exchanges, healthcare records, ATMs, smart grids, super computers and more. This infographic is an interesting one and would certainly be loved by computer professionals and technology enthusiasts.

Likes: Interesting topic, timeline depiction of the milestones precisely.

Dislikes: There isn’t much to comprehend from this infographic.

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linux infographic

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