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Evolution Gaming is famous for innovative live gaming and boasts world-class production values and gameplay. Lightning Roulette is one well-known example and combines the thrills of live Roulette with several touches that make it unique.  Lightning Roulette made a big impact when it was announced during ICE 2018 and a ton of expectations came with it. It seems Evolution Gaming was up to the challenge since Lightning Roulette went on to win Product Innovation of the Year at the Las Vegas Global Gaming Awards!

How to Play Lightning Roulette

The game shares many similarities with traditional European Roulette with a few key differences. The live dealers do not spin the wheel, but it is spun electronically. Players make bets on numbers, colours, and combinations as you would expect. At the end of betting, lightning strikes the board to select 1 to 5 ‘lucky numbers’. These lucky numbers can be worth anywhere from 50x to 500x the stake!

Payouts are calculated like so-

Line bets – 5:1

Corner bets – 8:1

Street bets – 11:1

Split bets – 17:1

Straight up bets – 30:1 up to 500:1 (Compared to 35:1 with traditional European Roulette).

The electrifying lucky numbers offer more ways to win big and are a key reason for Lightning Roulettes huge popularity.

Production and Dealers

The look of Lightning Roulette is quite different from traditional roulette setups. The game has an ultra-chic look with plenty of black and gold to create an Art Deco feel reminiscent of the Great Gatsby. There is a huge numbered board on the back wall like the Wheel of Fortune TV show, fronted by chatty young dealers. Speaking of dealers, Evolution Gaming has selected a friendly, attractive bunch and trained them all to a high standard. Players with questions can even interact with the dealers via the live chat box and get answers directly from them. The result is a game that looks as good as it plays – just what you would expect from a company like Evolution Gaming. The user interface is easy on the eye, a pleasure to use, and the game is a real treat for fans of Roulette everywhere.

Where Can You Play Lightning Roulette

Due to Lightning Roulette’s popularity and praise it can be found at most online casinos that offer Evolution Gaming. You can find plenty of casinos in the review section of this site that carry Evolution Gaming titles to try Lightning Roulette out for yourself

Important Figures

Bets on Lightning Roulette typically start at £2 a spin, and the RTP is reported at 97.3%. As usual, top payouts are elusive, but players have reported 2-3 Lightning Numbers as an average result. Five numbers are rare, but technically possible

Why Play Lightning Roulette

If you are looking for bigger, albeit elusive, wins from Roulette then Lightning Roulette is an excellent option. There can be stretches of spins where multipliers do not show up, but then again, the big one could land on the next spin. This allure, coupled with its world-class production values makes Lightning Roulette an immensely enjoyable experience

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