Le Panga with Volini in hand


Press Release: Volini, a No. 1 recommended and used pain reliever, has announced its association with one of the top three Pro Kabaddi League teams Patna Pirates in Season 2. This marks the second association of this modern day pain reliever after partnering with Marathon sponsors.The partnership will do a world of good to the Kabaddi players, because Kabaddi is a strength game and injuries are part and parcel of such games.

Volini is a scientifically formulated ointment for effective pain relief. It is basically available in two forms Volini spray and ointment. Both of them having equal effect and excellent pain reliever. Physiotherapist all over India recommend Volini for pain related disease like sprain.

Kabaddi is an extravaganza of a sport where sheer strength is used by the players to rule the opponents out of the game. Injuries tend to occur while strength is used. Also these injuries should be treated well so that it can heal earlier. A pull of a muscle or a tear could also get worsen if not taken proper care.

Pro-Kabaddi league which is an excellent initiative to get this ultimate sport viewers from different part of the country. After a fantastic first season, this season will be full of excitement. This partnership of Volini with the Pro-Kabaddi team, will ensure an excellent pain relief management of the players.

The event was held at ITC Parel, Mumbai where Volini Vice President and Health Global Consumer Healthcare of Sun Pharma, Subodh Marwah,

announced the association with the Patna Pirates. Also to the surprise of the Patna Pirates, Volini has nominated Shyamlal Vallabhjee, India’s most renowned sports scientist to be with the team of Patna Pirates. It will be an redefining moment for all the players to get support from Vallabhjee.

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