Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Halloween Top Charts

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Halloween Top Charts 1

Lady Gaga is the fame monster as she does quiet outrageous acts for her music videos or any events. Though this infographic only depicts pictures of Lady Gaga being a fame monster through pictures, and does not have real text to quote why, you can easily guess from the acts and elaborate appearances she has, that make her a fame monster. In this infographic titled, “Lady Gaga the Fame Monster Halloween Top Charts” you will see about the reissue album called the “Fame monster” of Lady Gaga.

Though there have been many spoof videos of her songs hitting popularity as much as her original songs and albums, Lady Gaga maintain her uniqueness in all her albums. This album is a mixture of a variety of genres, such as, synth pop, glam rock, etc. This album was released in the year 2009. It has maximum hits on most of the social media pages, such as, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This album stayed in the top charts for more than thirty weeks. This infographics only gives statistics of the Fame Monster album in Halloween style. This album has a dark and a gothic theme. It was also nominated for the Grammy awards in the best dance recording category. It made more than seventy thousand platinum sales in the first week of its release.


This infographic is an artistic display of Lady Gaga’s Fame monster album.


Not much content displayed except for social media statistics of the album.

The Halloween theme styled infographic shows this album’s top chart singles, as well as the all-time Lady Gaga YouTube views for all her albums. Interestingly although it is the only top chart album to feature 7 songs to reach the Top 5 singles, The Fame Monster was not in the top 5 selling albums in the Australian End of Year Music Charts for 2008, 2009 or 2010.

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Halloween Top Charts

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