Everything You Need to Know About Free Online Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus
Image credit - arcadia-nwn.com
Casino Bonus
Image credit – arcadia-nwn.com

Almost all online casinos offer some sort of free money or bonus to their newly registered players. For example, casinotoplist.in provides all the relevant information about the current online casino bonus offers. If you want to make good use of free online casino bonuses, then you need to learn why casinos offer free money in the first place.

Promotions and bonuses form a major chunk of marketing and differentiation strategies for online casinos. They rely on specific software providers to offer the game to the players. As there are numerous online casinos, they face immense competition. In order to convince you to play at their online casinos, they offer lucrative bonuses and promotions.

For claiming a bonus, you will have to adhere to the wagering requirements. Many casinos require you to make a deposit unless it has been stated in the terms. Before understanding the different kinds of bonuses offered, you need to be aware of a few terms governing them.

  • Wagering requirements 

Most bonuses have wagering requirements associated with them. This implies that you need to play the game for a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. Generally, the wagering requirements vary from 15x to 40x. At some online casinos, your winnings will become void if you request a withdrawal before you have met the wagering requirements. Hence, you really need to focus on the requirements.

  • Games played 

You need to make sure to spend some time going through the terms and conditions. Slots are usually the most profitable games for online casinos. Several bonuses offered by the casinos are valid only on slots. Keno and scratch cards are also covered by bonuses. In some cases, you can play the bonus claimed on all games offered by the casino.

  • Minimum deposit requirement 

For claiming a bonus, you will have to make a minimum deposit with the casino. This is usually a small amount and usually doesn’t exceed ₹2,000.

Different kinds of bonuses 

  • Match bonus 

This is the most common kind of bonus offered by the casino. For every dollar that you deposit, you would be credited with a certain percentage of the amount that you deposit. For instance, if a casino is offering a 100 percent match bonus and if you deposit ₹5,000 with them, then they will offer another ₹5,000 as a bonus.

  • Welcome bonus 

A welcome bonus is offered to the new players who sign up with a casino and make their first deposit with them. A welcome bonus can be defined as the sum of all possible match bonuses that you can accumulate as a new player at a casino over a specific time period or within the initial deposits made by you. For instance, if a casino offers ₹10,000 as a welcome bonus, then you will be given this bonus amount over your first, second, and monthly deposits until you reach the advertised bonus amount.

  • No deposit bonus

This is the bonus that you receive from a casino without having to make any deposit. This bonus is a great way for online casinos to attract new players. Players who are not comfortable making a deposit without trying the games offered by a casino, find no deposit bonuses pretty reliable and lucrative. These are usually small values varying from ₹100 to ₹500. These also have wagering requirements associated with them.

There are many other casino bonuses offered including payment method bonuses and VIP/loyalty bonuses. It is best to check the specific terms and conditions before proceeding with any online casinos. Go through the wagering requirements clearly to make the best use of these bonuses.

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