KickStarter: The Science of Crowdfunding

The online platform has provided us many ways to get money from. But this infographic speaks of a different way of money making which also benefits others in a way. If you have not heard of KickStarter yet, then this infographic will help you understand what KickStarter is and how it works. It is the simplest and the easiest way to learn about this platform. What this infographic tells us is that KickStarter utilizes a method called crowd funding to generate revenues. This type of funding is dependent upon the contributions from various community supporters. When people donate, for example, thousands of people donate the numbers go up pretty quick.

This infographic called “KickStarter: the Science of Crowd funding” shows how crowd funding can lead to the breakthroughs in our generation. Truly the essence of working together to benefit all has been showcased by this new revolutionary idea. Many people have also gained excellent income from this campaign.

The people who raise the money get benefitted from the end products which are quite useful. One person made a Tik Tok + Luna Tik watch kit – which was a multi touch watch made from iPod Nano. The makers raised 6,283% more than what they had anticipated to gain from this venture via KickStarter. No wonder it works. If you’re an innovator, a developer or an artist of any kind, check out this infographic below, and then head over to Kickstarter to post your project online to get funded.

Likes: The infographic is promotional but is looking good with all its information. The entire process of crowd funding has been explained properly.

Dislikes: There is nothing to dislike about this infographic in particular.

KickStarter: The Science of Crowdfunding Infographics


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