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How To Keep A Check On Your EMI Spends With Bajaj Finserv Card Customer Portal

Bajaj Finserv EMI Store presents to you the best of products across the biggest brands. You can explore an insane collection of products ranging from electronics such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, to home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, water purifiers and more. Not just that, you can also find a range of lifestyle products and accessories such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes and so much more. You can shop carefree on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, with easy benefits such as No Cost EMI, zero down payment, customized EMI repayments, and same day/4 hour delivery, exclusive discounts and benefits, among many others!

While you shop carefree on the Bajaj EMI Store, you can also easily keep a track of your EMI expenditure and all your online and offline transactions. You can do that through the Bajaj customer portal, Experia! Bajaj Experia Customer portal allows you to keep a track of your loan details, carry out your transactions, access pre-approved offers and much more. And it is very simple to keep a check on your EMI spends with Experia. All you need to do is log in to the Bajaj Experia portal either with a password or an OTP. You can do that in the following steps:

Bajaj Experia Login via Password

  • Type in your customer ID, email ID, or mobile number in the log in field.
  • Click on the ‘I have a password’ button.
  • Select ‘Next’ and proceed further with the verification procedure.

Bajaj Experia Login via OTP

  • Type in your customer ID, email ID, or mobile number in the log in field.
  • Click on the ‘Send OTP’ button.
  • Select ‘Generate OTP’ and proceed with the verification process.

You can additionally also do your Bajaj Finance customer login process through your Google and Facebook accounts, which are easy methods to login. Another alternative to do your Bajaj Experia Login to keep a track of your EMI payments and transactions is through Bajaj Finserv App. To do this, simply download the Bajaj Finserv App from the App Store or Google Play Store, enter your Bajaj Experia login ID and password, and then use the OTP sent to you on your mobile number to finish the login process.

In case you do not receive your Bajaj Experia Login ID and password on your registered mobile number, SMS ‘EXPERIA’ to +91 92275 64444 from your registered mobile number and you will receive the details that you can enter into the respective fields on the Bajaj Experia portal login page. Your loan details can also be retrieved by using your loan account number and generating them online, in case you cannot remember your details.

You can easily keep a check on your EMI repayments, track your spends and transactions while you shop, and enjoy all the privileges and exclusive benefits of Bajaj Finserv EMI Card, by simply logging in to the Bajaj Experia customer portal. So what are you waiting for? A world of shopping awaits you on Finserv MARKETS EMI Store!