Kangana Ranaut is the true Queen Of Lies!

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Hrithik Controversy

With every passing day, Kangana Ranaut is coming across to be a complete compulsive liar! I do not despise her as an actor but Kangana rather seems to have a lot of character traits. The major amongst them being a LIAR. A series of blatant lies have been spoken by Kangana time and again. The actress and her team has been audacious enough to lie not only in official statements but also are known to circulate fake news. Let’s revisit some of Kangana Ranaut’s recently spoken lies.

Not 29 but 31!
The actress, who reportedly celebrated her 29th birthday in March this year, has, in fact completed 30 and is going on 31.

The actress is not in her 20s but in her 30s, according to her passport which shows that she was born in 1986. Not that it matters. She is in good company. She is in the industry at a time when actresses in their 30s are still considered for leading lady roles. So, why the little white lies?

Holiday Destination 
There was a lot of Drama done around Kangana’s getaway trip. Fake reportings were done in popular daily’s, one stating Kangana holidaying in Austria while the others informed of her vacation being extended by 5 days. Such fake news were circulated by Team Kangana to merely publicize her having taken a break. The morning of the reportings, Kangana was spotted at the airport to have entered the city from Dubai, while her sister Rangoli revealed exclusively to a website that Kangana has been holidaying in Germany. What was the need for so many lies taking a vaccation alone Kangana?

Highest paid actress
To create a desired perception amongst the audience, Kangana went to the extend of lying about her pay cheque. Her repeated lies on the subject has led it to become an accepted myth. Reportedly 11 crores was paid to her for some film. Which film? The answer kept being more and more vague. She is only doing Rangoon now and for which is paid in the range of 3 crores. It’s well known fact that Deepika is the leading actress in Bollywood and commands the highest fees in films as well as brand endorsements. Wonder what made Kangana lie, was it her desperate urge to surpass Deepika or instill fake notions about herself in the minds of the audience? Nevertheless, such lying is not appreciated Kangana! Film with Rajkumar Hirani Unprecedented claims were made all of a sudden by Camp Kangana that the actress was approached by ace director Rajkumar Hirani for a film. If facts are reviewed, Raju is known to word on one project at a time. It is known fact that the filmmaker is currently occupied with Sanjay Dutt’s biopic staring Ranbir Kapoor. Then what project is Kangana and her team speaking of? There has been no mention of any new project from the directors side. Also as reported by a daily, Rajkumar Hirani was heard to be upset of Kangana’s false claims as she merely used his name to gain attention. Kareena’s her best friend

A causal dinner party was blown over the top by Kangana and her team as a friendly gathering at Kareena Kapoor Khan and Said Ali Khan’s house. Kareena is known to be a humble hostess and invites all her husband’s co-stars over for a meal at home. Katrina Kaif had also mentioned of similar gatherings during her association with Saif on Phantom. A similar invite was made to Kangana as she is working with Saif on Rangoon. While Katrina chose to treat the casual dinner as a normal affair, Kangana rather highlighted it as best friends catching up over dinner. Yes there was a dinner meet, but was the added friendly affection bit necessary to be added? This news was carried by all daily’s side by side to the Royal visit to India and their interaction with the who’s who of Bollywood. Kangana used Kareena’s invite to cover up not attending the Royal dinner to avoid the unnecessary questions by the media present at the event. Sad cover up dear Kangana!

Proposal in Paris
Tall claims were made that Hrithik has proposed to Kangana in Paris in January 2014. While the media went berzerk with this piece of news, Hrithik thrashed her false claims rather effortlessly. Dismissing his presence in Paris, Hrithik presented his passport as proof. This led to Kangana being proven a Liar publicly.

Intimate pictures
Media was in frenzy when Kangana’s friend released ‘intimate pictures’ of Kangana and Hrithik as proof of their relationship. While the duo were present at a dinner party hosted by the Rampal’s before kick starting shooting for Kites (which starred Hrithik and Kangana). This picture was edited by Kangana’s side and vital facts were hidden, such as Sussanne Khan, Hrithik’s ex wife being present at the same party. A posing group picture was cropped to make it look like an ‘intimate picture’. Such are the desperate attempts made by Kangana and her team to validate her relationship with Hrithik. Hrithik soon released other pictures taken during the same dinner, which once again proved Kangana’s blatant lie.

If one is to ponder over these facts, it is clear that Kangana is trying to build and image and an independent perception of herself in the minds of the audience by making use of her many lies.

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  1. It is her will to say anything about her age or vacations anyone should not get affected by her……and also kangana is better than most of the cheap dramebazz actresses of kangana…she is bold and first one to speak freely about nepotism


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