Online Journalism: Before and After

In this digital era, online journalism has certainly received a tremendous boost. However, there has been a growth in the criticism pertaining to the content being made available for the public. This infographic reveals how online journalism has taken a beating when it comes to content circulation.

It clearly sends out a message that there is no emphasis on the content being circulated in the digital space. Much emphasis lies on promotion campaigns and advertisements. These two factors are majorly eating up the content quality.

Though online journalism today connects the users and allows them to voice out their opinions, there is certainly a setback in the trimming of the information that once used to be the core of journalism. This infographic about the evolution of online journalism is quite simple to understand.

Not much creative tools have been employed in this. There are no facts or figures employed to explain the current scenario and support the fact. However, it is self explanatory when it comes to conveying the dominance of advertisements over the actual content which is quite sad.

Likes: Simple to comprehend

Dislikes: Lack of proper facts and figures to support the fact, very basic illustration

This Infographic features Online Journalism. Courtesy

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