You VS John Paulson

Or maybe he was simply at the right place at the right time.

The “You vs. John Paulson” infographic emphasizes the difference between the top 1% of the top 1% (in other words, those who are in the top 99.99% percentile) and the average person. However, there is no explanation of this difference, or showing the real causes of his wealth.


Some cursory reading through Wikipedia does reveal some interesting tidbits. He founded his own investing firm in 1994. Nine years later, the company had $300 million in assets. However, it is unknown how the dot-com bust for 2000 to 2002 impacted him. Did he make a tremendous amount of money before, during and/or after the bust, as he had in 2007 prior to the Great Depression II? Wikipedia and other sources are silent in this regard.


In 2007, he received the money from betting against conventional wisdom. However, those who were knowledgeable of the tell-tale signs also began to withdraw from the system. This could indicate that the economic crisis was planned or, at least, welcomed by those who were able to take advantage of perhaps insider-information.

It is peculiar, or at least very telling, that he has had no equivalent successes in the fast five years. Of course, he does not really need it. He can live extremely comfortably on the interest of the interest of what he has earned. Even at 1% interest, the 1% interest of the 1% interest of $5 billion equals $500 thousand per year. Even after taxes, this is very comfortable.

It is very telling that John Paulson is investing in gold. Perhaps he has foreknowledge of a much bigger financial collapse.

Likes: Buying the sports mentioned is intriguing, although we think that those have gone up in value as well.

Dislikes: It is too depressing. We already know that we are in the bottom 99%; we do not need further verification of it.

The HTML5 interactive infographic holding page is to promote a new web-based Foreign Exchange Trading platform which is set to launch shortly for desktop, iPhone and iPad. The idea was to show the gap between a super trader and us mere mortals in terms of yearly salary. Its a bit of fun and just shows the sheer absurdity of how much these guys earn! How long does it take super trader John Paulson to earn your annual income? Depress yourself with this interactive infographic created by MahiFX Forex Trading.

You VS John Paulson Infographic

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