Is Your Job Killing You?

Stress levels in most of the jobs, especially, jobs in the field of IT, public relations, etc are killing people. You may quit a job because of a bad boss, but if you have bad colleagues, it may just kill your spirit and demotivate you. In this infographic titled, “Is Your Job Killing You” you will read about the factors related to job stress that can kill an employee.

As per this infographics, factors, such as, hostile environment in the office can drive many employees to ill health thus being one of the reasons for the death of the employee. The hostile environment can include bad attitude of people, bad management, no proper infrastructure or code of conduct, no proper employee policies, etc. Middle aged people working in a hostile environment can feel the stress which can kill them sooner. The employee boss relationship is less stressful compared to the relationship you can have with your colleagues.

As per this infographics, women in power are said to die sooner compared to women who have no control or power in this office. This seems to be a myth as feeling powerless is equivalent to death. Therefore, this fact bears no truth. Yet another factor killing employees in their work environment is lack of motivation and inspiration that leads to bad performance and ultimately creates lot of stress. As per this infographics, the least stressful jobs are that of dieticians, philosophers, occupational therapist, etc.


Some points about the stress that can kill an employee could be true.


Many facts are untrue and misleading. Some information is wrong too.

Is Job Stress Killng You?

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