Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

The 2011 Earthquake in Japan recorded a magnitude of 9.0 and was a mega thrust undersea earthquake. This earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 is also referred to as the Great East Japan Earthquake. This was the most powerful earthquakes that ever hit Japan and also the fifth most powerful in the world. This earthquake triggered tsunami that caused massive damages to Japan. This infographic titled “Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan” covers all the significant information pertaining to the tragedy that worse affected Japan in the year 2011.

The magnitude, travelling speed, geophysical impact and surface energy details of the massive earthquake have been highlighted in this infographic. The seismic S-waves that originated in the Pacific Ocean reached Tokyo that was 232 miles away in just 90 seconds! The quake moved portions of Northeast Japan closer to North America. This has resulted in an increase of speed of rotation of the Earth, thus shortening the day by 1.8 microseconds. The quake has also resulted in shifting of the Earth’s axis by 25 centimeters.

The Tsunami that resulted due to the quake also caused much damage. It completely swept away two towns along with it. Both the earthquake and Tsunami resulted in 9,079 deaths and 2,628 injuries and 12,664 people went missing. Three nuclear power plants too exploded due to the hydrogen build up. If you want to know the extent of damage caused due to nature’s fury, do scroll down to take a look.

Likes: Good representation of the facts and figures, Covers all the basic information.

Dislikes: Could have used different colors for the fonts.

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japan earthquake tsunami infographic

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