Iphone Facts and Figures

iPhones have undoubtedly made a place for themselves in the lives of people. This can be attributed to the quality and the service offered by the manufacturer. This infographic titled “iPhone Facts & Figures” covers the history of iPhone, various models of iPhones launched in the market, models timeline, worldwide sales, worldwide availability and other interesting facts about iPhones. This infographic is quite informative to read and is certainly a treat for all iPhone fans.

The history covers the unveiling of iPhone at Macworld 2007 to the launch of iPhone 4 in the year 2010. This infographic doesn’t cover the recent launches by Apple. A complete description features various models of iPhone (original), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The models timeline provided in this infographic is quite interesting. Comparisons have been drawn in all four models. A bar graph has been utilized to provide an idea of the worldwide sales of the iPhone models.

The features of the models covered in this infographic include size, weight, processor, memory, storage, display, resolution, camera, connectivity, sensors, battery life, back side, color and initial operating system. The worldwide availability of iPhones has also been highlighted on a world map. The most interesting part of this infographic is the interesting facts about the iPhone provided in the end of this infographic. Overall, this infographic offers a lot to read about for any Apple fanboy, or girl.

Likes: Covers interesting facts about iPhones, creative, fun to read.

Dislikes: Recent models should have been considered as well.

Iphone Facts

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