Will Opting for Investment Certification Courses Fetch You Better Career Opportunities?

Aggressive Investment Policies

Aggressive Investment Policies

Investment banking is one of the most lucrative and sought after professions in the country, the wonderful perks that people get in the form of fat pay cheques and a luxurious life is what makes people chase this profession, people also go for various data science course, machine learning course etc. Let’s understand what exactly an investment banker does, well, this is a unique division in the sector of banking operation that will help the companies or individuals who would be able to increase the capital and also be able to provide assistance in the form of financial consultancy. Also, the Investment Banks also advise their clients on how to manage assets, finances etc such as Debt Funds, Real Estate,  Equity Funds etc.

So, an investment banker works as mediators between two parties namely security issuers as well as investors. Also, they are the ones who would help the new firms get  to public. The investment bankers help the clients buy all the possible shares that would be advised by the investment banker at a price that they had set up for them. After this, the shares are resold to the public or they are sold on the issuer’s account and a commission is given to the investment banker with each share.

Why should an investment banker get necessary certification?

There are various certifications that are available that will help an individual get more prominence in the career developments. Also, this will provide you with an edge over your competitors who so not have such certifications.

What are the Certifications that are needed to become an investment banker?

  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification
  2. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification
  3. Financial Modeling Certification
  4. Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification

How much does an Investment Banker make in a year?

As per the surveys, the salary of an investment banker is around INR 902,800 per year in India. Also, this job comes with a lot of perks and bonuses. So, one can find a lot of great perks with this job.

What is the procedure and eligibility to get into investment banking?

Most of the graduates who get into this field begin their career in investment banking by joining as analysts in the various companies. Once you get an experience of two or three years, you will get a promotion to the associate level. Also, if the candidate possesses an MBA, they will get a direct entry to the level of associate. After being an associate to three to four years, you will get promoted to the post of vice president (VP), here you will get to communicate with your clients on a regular basis and have your own customers.

So, once you get a formal certificate in investment banking, it will help you fetch an edge over others and will make for a smoother way for you in the professional world. We hope it was an informative article for you.

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