Infographic: Why 99.5% of Social Media Gurus Are Clowns

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, in this infographic, most of the people who claim to be social media gurus are clowns because their knowledge is haphazard and what they try to implement is not effective. In this infographic titled, “Why 99.5% of Social Media Gurus Are Clowns” you will see why Gary thinks social media gurus are clowns.

According to this info graphics they hardly use the widely used social media directories to direct the traffic of any website. They have no knowledge of social media networks like Tumblr. They only keep filling their Facebook pages and send thousands of twitter updates. They focus on fancy cool aids for the web than look into the aspects of web analytics. They lack the professional look and end up looking like hobos and bums.

Their focus in not on money making but giving out their half-baked expertise on social media marketing. Only little kids can be convinced by their ideas. They are not meant for larger organizations where real work happens. The real social media gurus get paid millions of dollars to attend and speak at the tech conferences. This does not happen with the fake social media persons who show themselves as expertise.


Not much to like. Looks like Gary is plain pissed with the ineffective social media people who like to show themselves as gurus.


Too colorful, looks like a kindergarten crafts project with some content thrown in.

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Infographic: Social Media Gurus Are Clowns


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