Infographic: Things You Do With Your Phone

The things that you do with your phone. Well, you make and receive phone calls. Wait, that was 25+ years ago. Starting at about that time, you could also carry it around with you. Starting about five years later (1995), you could also do some rudimentary things like storing phone numbers and taking photos. Now, what can you do with your phone?

There was an extensive survey done (of 15,000 people) from all over the world, the results of which are encapsulated in “The things you do with your phone” infographic. It shows virtually every conceivable feature of phones, and the frequency with which they are done. It shows everything from making calls (which is the most common daily activity) to making video calls (which was the least common daily activity–it seems that people may still rely on Skype and laptops to make video calls). It shows some abstruse functions or features of the phone, such as using the phone for tethering. (What does that entail?)

As you are probably aware, different groups of people use the phone for different purposes. The infographic does highlight how people of different ages, and males and females, use the phone in those different ways.

People throughout the world use phones for different purposes. However, we never truly learn how Asians use phones. We are sure that East Asians use the phones for purposes different from those of the Middle East.

Likes: A lot of thought had been put into this survey as it breaks down the usage by age groups and by sex.

Dislikes: Asia was not broken down into regional lines.

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Phone Infographic


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