Things That Happen On Internet Every 60 Seconds

If you think of all the things that happen on the internet in sixty seconds, here is some interesting information. You will get a measure of the amount of activities that happen on the internet, like, activities on social media networks, stuff that gets downloaded, stuff that gets uploaded, domain registrations, etc. In this infographic titled, “Things That Happen on Internet Every 60 Seconds” you will see all activities that happen over internet on average in sixty seconds.

Nearly more than a hundred questions on get answered in sixty seconds. More than ninety eight thousands tweets happen on twitter. More than hundred LinkedIn accounts get created. More than twenty thousand posts get posted on tumblr. More than six thousand pictures get posted on Flickr. Firefox sees more than seventeen hundred downloads per minute.

Facebook has more than nearly seven hundred thousand status updates per minute. Not just that, nearly six hundred thousand comments get written on Facebook in sixty seconds. More than twelve thousand ads get published on Craigslist. More than thirteen thousand iPhone applications get downloaded in a minute. The internet sees more than fifteen hundred blog posts in sixty seconds. Google sees more than six hundred thousand queries for search in a minute. In a span of sixty seconds, one hundred and sixty eight million emails are sent. Don’t these facts mind-blowing?


Interesting facts about what happens on the internet in sixty seconds on variety of platforms and how content flows on the net in sixty seconds.


Nothing much to dislike.

60 Seconds Infographic


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