Infographic: The History of the Braid

If you thought braiding hair is just a simple activity or a matter of style, when you look into this infographic you will see that it has a history that is connected with religion, rituals, etc, in many countries like Africa, Egypt, the Victorian era and more. In this neatly designed infographic titled, “The History of the Braid” you will see an interesting history related to braiding hair.

According to this infographic, Africans, Egyptians, and Native Americans used geometrical patterns to either describe their personality type, to show if they were single or married and also during various ceremonies like marriage, etc. In many countries you will need a cosmetology license to braid a person’s hair. Many schools still reject boys with long hair even if they keep them braided.

A popular NBA player braided his hair to stop them from falling on his face. This seemed to be in news more than his scores on the field. If you use tight braids along with products, such as hair sprays that contain chemicals, then you will develop permanent bald patches. As much as braiding will always be in style for both, men and women, you can still use it sparingly to cause any kind of damage to your scalp as well as hair. Even using hair color, etc can also cause damage to the hair.


Interesting facts about braiding across the globe.


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Braid Infographic


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