InfoGraphic: The History of HiFi

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, who was the great grandfather of HiFi. This isn’t the hi-fi that you give to your friends. HiFi that is written about in this infographic is about the high quality of sound that you get to hear in your iPods. In this infographic titled, “The History of HiFi” you will see the history and evolution of HiFi, or high fidelity.

Sound was reproduced and recorded using a variety of devices. You would listen to the quality of this original sound in radios, tape recorders, and now CDs. With the advent of CDs, listening to audio music had become clearer. Today’s FM Radio uses the HiFi technology and that is the reason the radio that you tune into your phones is as clear as listening to a CD or a DVD.

Today’s audio systems, be it home audio systems, iPods, stereos, Walkmans, etc, all use the HiFi technology that gives you a crystal clear audio output. Even the television sets come with HiFi definition making the sound crisp and clear. Though Napster used this technology in 1999, soon it was shut given the copyright issues of music industry.

Today’s audio systems are also equipped with wireless HiFi that makes it easy to play any audio recording within a distance. Most of the European broadcasting companies opt for the FLAC audio compression format as it is clear and there is no loss of data during audio compression.


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The History of HiFi

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