InfoGraphic: The Age of the Ecommerce Geek

It takes a brilliant geek to develop a full-fledged ecommerce success, such as Amazon, eBay, Netflix, etc. Most of the million dollar ecommerce company founders have been geeks who have been busy with coding and experimenting in the garages of their homes. Nerds are plain bookworms who might not have the entrepreneurial spirit. In this Infographic titled, “The Age of the Ecommerce Geek” you will see how the age of geeks has flourished into a full-fledged ecommerce giant business.

Jeff Bezos was a through geek, who experimented in the garage of his parents’ home and founded Amazon later. Jack Ma, the founder of did not even use computer until 1995. The Chairman and Founder of eBay wrote the code himself and started the company. Most of the geeks are likely to be video game programmers, technical engineers, or have founded million dollar ecommerce companies. Most of them have at least a computer degree from a university.

According to a survey mentioned in this infographic, it is more acceptable to be a geek these days than it was a decade back. Geeks are treated with more respect today than a few decades back. It is, however, still unacceptable to be a nerd. A nerd lacks personality and spark that geeks have. Though geeks could be as socially awkward as nerds, they are still respected because they have inventiveness and brilliance that nerds lack.


Some insights into the founders of popular ecommerce companies.


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The Age of the Ecommerce Geek

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