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This infographic could be good news for both, tea as well as coffee lovers. If you love tea or coffee or both, both these drinks have their set of pros and cons, if taken excessively. Though herbal teas seemed to have replaced regular chai, and there is no harm in consuming herbal teas a couple of times in a day, you will see the difference between the two in this infographic  titled, “Tea vs. Coffee.”

According to this, the sale of tea is more than that of coffee. Though most of the people opt for coffee for its flavor, caffeine, and aroma, people who opt for herbal tea are the ones who are health conscious. It is harmful to drink more than three to four cups of coffee a day, as it leads to decrease in the flow of blood to the heart, causes the chances of having stillbirths. But, a herbal tea consumed a numerous times a day only gives great health and prevents many diseases such as different types of cancers.

Herbal teas are rich in anti-oxidants and also help in reducing obesity. Coffee too has many benefits if consumed just ones or twice a day. Coffee drinkers do not suffer the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You will also decrease the risk of developing Gout which is a serious disease and fatal if not treated.


Many differences described between tea and coffee, their benefits as well as disadvantages, clever design and layout.


Not much to dislike, an informative info graphics for all tea and coffee drinkers.

Tablets are the next best thing. They are more complete than smartphones and some of them come with a keyboard and other add-ons to assist people in using it more. They offer many of the same features as most laptops or notebooks, but weigh far less. However, tablets are an unknown thing. What exactly differentiates them from these other options?

Fortunately, there is the “Tablet Comparison” infographic. It not only delineates the four major brands, types or sizes of tablets but also provides the hardware and software features of each one. The infographic compares and contrasts the Blackberry Playbook, Dell Streak 7, iPad and the Motorola Xoom, and shows their sizes and weights. It is somewhat surprising to see that the iPad and the Xoom weigh almost twice as much as the Playbook (although, of course, still far less than any laptop).

Extremely helpful is the information about the camera and video features, as well as the battery capabilities, storage capacity (all of them had more than adequate capacity) and connectivity. The information about the networks is useful to only those in the United States.

Yet many people still cling to smartphones or laptops. We say that you ought to junk them. Most tablets have calling and video features just like smartphones, and they offer very many of the same functions as do laptops at a fraction of the cost (many of them are below INR 6,000 or about USD100) and weight.

Likes: There is a wealth of information. You can make an informed purchase from studying this infographic.

Dislikes: Dated devices.

BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Dell Streak 7 vs. Apple iPad vs. Motorola Xoom

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Tablet Infographic


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