Sitting is Killing You

The new age of computers has made human beings resorted to a sedentary life than move more on their feet. Before our lives were dependent on computers, people actually walked on their feet and got things done. Now that you can order, almost everything online, most of the people forget the idea of walking even to buy groceries. In this infographic titled, “Sitting is Killing You” you will see how sitting for a long time at your desk is actually effecting your health adversely.

The major problem with obesity has increased since desk jobs have become prominent. People who spend more than ten hours at their desk are expending no amount of energy. This is decreasing their metabolism rate and thus an increase in their risk of developing many health ailments. Though most of the exercises haven’t changed since many years, sitting at the desk for a long makes people ignore morning exercise or any physical activity.

When you are sitting, your legs are idle and you miss the chance of giving them even some basic exercise. You burn very few or almost no calories when you are sitting most of the time. You will start feeling fatigue easily even if you want to start a new physical activity. Your cholesterol also increases as there is no physical exercise. Therefore, even in this digital age, physical activity is vital for a healthy life.


Significance of physical exercise and bad effects of sitting for a long time, clever design.



Sitting is Killing You Infographic


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