Sesame Street Facts

Sesame Street, which is one of the most popular children’s programs in America, will actually prove that television is not an idiot’s box. This is one show parents would encourage their children to watch as it teaches them a variety of things such as numbers, colors, letters, etc. It is a good educational program that is also entertaining for toddlers. In this infographic titled, “Sesame Street Facts” you will see some interesting facts about this television program.

This has been the longest running show with more than four thousand episodes. This show that started in 1969 was funded with eight million dollars from Ford foundation, Carnegie institute, and many other sectors in health and education in U.S. Interestingly this show was well researched. The research was done in collaboration with teachers, scientists, psychologists, and it included many distraction techniques that made it such a big hit.

When the pilot was created, it was tested to see if the children would remain focused on the show 80-90% of the time, for the show to be aired. The original name of this show was named 123 Avenue B, but later changed to Sesame Street as they didn’t want something that would sound too much of a New York address. Each episode contained skits, songs and many animated sketches to keep the children interested.


Interesting facts about a very popular program on American television that kids all over the world can enjoy actually.


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Sesame Street Facts


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