InfoGraphic: Plane Travel The Healthy Way

You can make your air travel more healthy and enjoyable if you follow a few tips, especially, if you are a frequent traveler. There are a few tips of the items that you can carry along with you so that even long flights can become comfortable, regardless of the weather change. In this infographic titled, “Plane Travel the Healthy Way” you will find useful tips for all air travelers.

You can carry a lavender neck pillow that helps you relax better than those provided by the airlines, as it might contain germs. Also, even if you are not a germophobe, you can still carry your own drinking bottle. A drinking mix that is rich in Vitamin C might be handy. You can also wear layered clothes so that you can get adjusted to any kind of weather change during your travel. Wearing loose clothes is recommended. Avoid wearing tight socks and shoes during your travel.

You must always wash your hands frequently and also use a hand sanitizer. Always use paper towels while opening or using the door and the faucets. Dehydration is a very common problem people face during the air travel. Even catching common cold is also one of the common problems faced amongst frequent fliers. Therefore, eat a lot of fruits, watery based food or drinks, and avoid alcohol and sodas. Avoid tea, coffee, and salty snacks.


Very informative for everyone. Even if you aren’t a frequent flier, this info graphics might still be useful.


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