Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords

It takes money to earn money. Nowhere is this made more clear than in the Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords infographic. It shows clearly that four of the top five categories are related to finance or money: insurance, loans, mortgage, and credit.

We are slightly perplexed that attorney and lawyer were placed in two different categories. We understand that there is a technical distinction between the two, but the similarities exceed the differences. Moreover, if life insurance can be placed in the same category as car insurance then the other two terms ought to be combined as well. However, ours is not to reason why, ours is to simply report the intriguing facts.

Other aspects of the infographic are equally intriguing. For example, the chart was compiled through the study of 10,000 keywords. Yes, keywords often mean phrases but that is still a great many words. We wonder how frequent xylophone is used as a keyword and how expensive it would be. It is amazing that a company is willing to pay up to $54.91 for the click of an ad related to a keyword. We sometimes feel drawn to click on an ad at a website. Now we know that it can cost someone dearly unless we take advantage of the product or service.

Likes: The percentages of each category increases the impact (or reflects the relative unimportance) of that category.

Dislikes: It shows the dollar value of the top CPC (cost per click) but does not provide that specific keyword.

Where Google Makes Its Money Infographic

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