India, Internet and E-Commerce

In countries like India, U.S, Japan, internet is used by maximum users. This makes the ecommerce business fully fledged, especially in these countries. In every household, almost every one of every age uses the internet for applying for jobs, shopping online etc. In this infographic titled, “India, Internet and E-Commerce” you will see how internet has leveraged the ecommerce business in many countries, and especially India.

Ecommerce businesses in India are fast growing as they are mostly built on the networking technologies that make it convenient for any online user to shop online, compare prices, read reviews, and make an informed purchase. Internet has helped many businesses boost their brand presence with very little capital investment.

Since the advent of dot com companies, and also, especially, since the year 2011, many ecommerce companies have seen a rise in India. You will see many supermarkets, retail store, manufacturing companies go online to sell their products. It has become easier to sell anything online as it takes some technology and little investment compared to direct marketing. The time consumed to set up an online store is also less compared to setting up a physical establishment. The reach of an online store is worldwide and this can be done easily in a few days. Growth of Ecommerce companies in India is fifty five percent.


Ecommerce companies, growth of internet in India, and statistics of internet users in India compared to rest of the world.


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India Internet Infographic

This Infographic is Designed by Navin Kulkarni

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