Education By The Numbers

We all know there are thousands of uneducated children in the world. But the majority of children who get the privilege of education are in millions. In fact, nowadays kids are sent to pre schools before they even attend schools. Did you know exactly how many children at present are in pre schools all over the world? If you want to learn the real figures, check out this infographic. It has captured the real number of students that are in schools all over the world.

Infographic Education By The Numbers” is the infographic about education. It will tell you how many people around the world are in the education system right now. Did you know how many students drop out of undergraduate courses? Apparently there are 25% of high school students who do not graduate on time in the US alone. Shocking, isn’t it? When we look at our surroundings, it doesn’t really look like that many people have opted out of their studies, but looking at these figures, you will be shocked to know how many people actually complete their education on time without any disruption – it is not very common.

Ever wonder why there is “mean girl” incidents happening in schools but why not “mean boys” kind of thing. Well, one reason might be because in the US, the number of women in schools is higher than the number of men. Women number 10.5 million, while men only number 7.9 million. Find out more such things in this infographic.

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 Education Infographic


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