Infographic: About Long Tail Keywords

For those searching for keywords and keyword patterns, this infographic might be helpful. Most of the searches conducted on the internet have either one word, two word, or a group of words/sentence that fetches those relevant results. In this infographic titled, “About Long Tail Keywords” you will see how long tail keywords generate better traffic than single or double keyword.

According to this infographics, apart from the main keyword, it is the long tail keyword that generates more than eighty percent traffic. Therefore, if you have a blog, you can perform some simple SEO techniques and generate more traffic to your blog. You can create more brand value of your website by focusing on the long tail keywords as well. Since the two and three keyword phrases are not as effective as long tail keywords, you can choose to give them less focus while doing up the web analytics of your website.

Over the past few years, the traffic generated by one or two keywords has dropped drastically. If you use just one or two key words on the web to perform a search, you might not get relevant results. This is one of the simplest tips given in this infographic about generating web traffic for your blog or website.


Simple keyword technique and information on the type of keyword that fetches better results for generating web traffic.


Too dramatic. This info graphics could have been made simple to explain the importance of long tail keywords instead of using the honey bee example.

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Longtail Keywords Infographic


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