India’s Daughter: A Gibberish Documentary


BBC released a documentary on Delhi’s Nirbhaya Rape Case titled “INDIA’S DAUGHTER”. BBC disobeyed the government and court orders and released the video 4 days prior to the scheduled date. One question arises, why didn’t BBC see the filth in their own developed nations? What was the need to make a documentary from an Indian example? Also, the rapist was paid 40,000. He demanded 2 lakh for the interview which was later negotiated to 40,000. What is it some kind of a joke? An asshole being paid for his cruel deeds and showing it off.

Its not the first time with BBC, earlier they was not much interested to post quality achievement articles on India’s Mars mission. The articles are primarily on something or the other nuisance about India. Check out these pathetic posts on India:

Also, New York Times is very efficient in reporting rapes in India. Since most of NY Times ‘ readers are foreigners, what is the aim of these articles? Is their American audience so interested in rapes happening in India? And now, BBC comes with a documentary about probably one of the worst crimes in the history of mankind. And the title is INDIA’S DAUGHTER.

Nirbhaya’s original name was revealed in the documentary. However, the juvenile’s name was chosen not to be revealed, because he was a minor. This is justice at its best! Nirbhaya’s friend, who was with her on the fateful night, calls ‘India’s Daughter’ a fake film. This person was with her that night; he fought to save her, but got terribly injured. Whom would you believe him or that British film-maker?

The documentary showed the shocking mindset of the rapist. They called it an “awareness documentary”. There was no guilt on his face while talking. And it is least expected from an inhumane monster. Also, the controversial statements by the defendant lawyers show the true face of the ‘society’? The biggest mistake these lawyers do is accepting such cases, greedily. They already know that it is impossible for them to win such cases, so naturally they make controversial statements. They don’t believe in what they speak, but speak it out of greed, for money.

Rape in India is an important issue which needs to be addressed, but we should stop this hypocrisy in the name of awareness. I didn’t find a valid reason why BBC is so interested in India’s social issues. They are need to be handled I agree, but not like this. The system should be strong enough to deal with such kind of crimes. The cruelty with which these monsters dealt with Nirbhaya was insane. These people are not humans. Either the human inside has vanished or there is all together a new species growing with such insanity. Heart wrenches on imagining the faces of Nirbhaya’s parents and family. But we stand by them, come what may!

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