More Indians Than Ever Own Mobile Phones – How Do They Use Them?

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To say that owning a mobile phone is popular now is like saying Sachin Tendulkar is quite well liked by most Indians – a huge understatement! You will see people with their mobiles in hand or glued to their face wherever you go in India now. This is true even outside of the major towns and cities as network coverage gets better. It is in fact estimated that there are over 4.5 billion mobile phone users around the world now, and of this, more than 300 million are found in India.

Of course, modern smartphones allow you to carry out a wide range of functions on them. But just how do most Indians use their mobile phones?

Texting or Video Calls

We will start off with the most obvious one – while some actual phone calls are made on Indian smartphones and occasional emails, it is text messages along with video calls that are more popular. Text messages are valued as they give Indians a quick, easy way to chat with friends or fix up a meeting. Video calls are also well liked as they give you the chance to actually see friends to speak to who may not be close by.

Social Media

Another very popular use for mobile phones in modern India is social media. Popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook give Indians the chance to catch up on the latest news, celeb gossip and what friends are up to. While this is mainly popular with younger Indians, it is something that many mobiles are used for across the nation.

Online Gambling

Many Indians like to use their mobile phones to have a little fun with and gamble online. From cricket betting with Bitcoins to playing online slots or classic table games, it is something that many in the country indulge in. With lots of online casino sites to choose from, you will never be short of somewhere to play. It certainly makes the commute into work or home that bit more exciting!

Mobile Apps

One specific area around mobile phones that Indians have really taken to is downloading apps to use. In fact, if you see someone on a mobile phone in the country, then they are probably hunting out a new one to try! Some people have up to 200 apps on their phone and are thought to use over 20 as part of everyday life. This shows just how popular using this kind of tool for common tasks has become across India. Catching up on sport is a great example, with many sporting apps used for this purpose now.

Mobile phone use in India is set to grow

By all estimations, the number of mobile phone users in India is only set to grow over time. As they become more affordable to all and with better network coverage helping, it will see more Indians able to use them for the above functions – though as mobile technology continues to advance quickly, we may be using our phones for much more by then.

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