Indian Table Etiquette

Indian Table Etiquette

Since a very tender age Indians begin to teach their children everything about the need for table etiquettes, whether it be our parents, guardians or teachers. But many a times, we don’t really allow the Angrezi style of eating with a multitude of forks, knives amongst many other complicated tools to disrupt our eating, as we callously munch on our food; since we have a great influence of our own – The Indian Culture.

Culture Machine’s Being Indian brings to you its latest video to show the idiosyncrasies of many comically accepted Indian ways to relish food. Sipping tea from a plate to the unique way of gulping down alcohol to the dripping lassi on our clothes, our mannerisms are unparalleled.

Be it any type of cuisine across the world, we Indians have created our own etiquette and table manners stabbed itself in the heart three times over. For eg: Meals can never be enjoyed if not eaten by bare hands or the need to burp after the food gets over. 

Culture Machine that offers ​digital video ​entertainment for the internet generation has created a spoof that shows how Indian’s enjoy their culinary experience on the dining table.

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