India Goes Wild Over Live Casinos

India Goes Wild Over Live Casinos 1

India Goes Wild Over Live Casinos 2

Live casinos are a digital version of physical casinos, played live on a PC, android and iOS devices. At live casinos, there are live dealers or croupiers in charge of rolling dice, spinning reels, and dealing cards. The live casino gives the exact feel, thrill, and excitement that the physical casino offers you and even more. For instance, at live casinos, a player is bound to concentrate more on the game due to reduced or no noise in the background.

The increased need for an individualized style of play at casinos has continued to increase the acceptance of live casinos in India. Live Andar Bahar, Live Sic Bo, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Hold’em, Live Baccarat, and Live Jhandi Munda Game, have been making incredible strides among Indians. Also, Live Poker and Live Progressive Jackpots have both earned a favorite spot in the hearts of live casino buffs. Not only are live casinos extraordinarily tremendous, but they have also become players’ delight, with some players playing nothing else apart from them.

Live casinos have been top-rated and predominantly in the minds of players in the last few years. Analysts estimate that every 6 in 10 Indian casino game players have played live casino games at least twice. Further, the mind-boggling statistics by AskGamers show that 2 in 5 Indian casino game players play live casino games frequently. In total, you have casino players spanning over millions of Indian players.

In regards to finance, live casino games generate as much as 8 billion dollars yearly in India. It is projected that by 2027, the global gambling market will be worth $134.5 billions.

Many Live Casinos Accept Indian Rupees

Quite a number of live casinos accept Indian Rupees on live casino games. Considering that almost all online casino sites are foreign-run and foreign-based, accepting Indian Rupees is quite praiseworthy. This is especially illustrated when one begins to consider the tediousness accompanying charges of converting Rupees to foreign currencies before playing. Now, those are eliminated, thereby offering improved convenience, and increasing faster and higher gameplay by Indian players at live casinos.

Interact With Attractive Live Dealers

One great feature you cannot deny about live casinos is its enticing nature, mostly facilitated by the ever-ravishing female live dealers. The live dealers, who are usually carefully and painstakingly selected from amongst very other beautiful women, are entirely in charge of gameplay. They choose playing cards at the table, roll the dice, deal cards to players, spin the reels, as well as announce winners. The live dealers are usually neutral, unbiased, and transparent in handling the players and the entire gameplay.

Live dealers are live at the tables to attend to all players’ queries, inquires, and curiosity concerning games, bonuses, promotions, and others. Aside from the overall live casino atmosphere itself, the live dealers also act as a medium between players to exchange ideas. With live dealers, the gameplay is usually very organized, as they address all players with high professionalism and etiquette. Sometimes, the feeling of having the live dealers manage the game keeps players coming for more.

Chunky Bonuses

If you played at online casinos, you would know that they are the safest and highest providers of juicy and weighty bonuses. Online casinos have such bonuses as deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, best player bonuses, VIP bonuses, weekly/monthly promotions, etc. It is the plethora of bonuses offered in online casinos that have contributed significantly to the attraction and retention of many players.

This culture of juicy bonuses has been incorporated in live casinos. In most cases, live casinos offer fewer games than regular online casinos, thereby increasing bonuses for players. This is even made more robust in India, with every live casino issuing unbelievable bonuses to players all around India.

Ergo, if you wish to maximize the best bonuses at online casinos, you will have higher chances with live casinos.

Big Selection Of Games

Indian live casinos have never disappointed when it comes to inundating players with over-sufficient games. Most of them have tens and hundreds of variants of the same game. For instance, there are variants of Live Baccarat, Live Andar Bahar, Live roulette, Live Jhandi Munda Game, Live Sic Bo. You also get an overfill of Live Blackjack, Live Scrap, Live Hold’em all at live casinos. You simply need to study your preferred game thoroughly before playing it at the live casino.

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